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K.Vio & Tim Tonic   Aktuelles Album: Christmas Chill - Das Album

K.Vio & Tim Tonic is an exceptional duo
in the chillout / smooth jazz szene.

Well known from several compilations,
their most defining characteristic is the
tasteful mixture between modern sounds
and real instruments.

Whilst K.Vio has his roots in classical music and
playing the violin, Tim Tonic is a "harmonic genious"
and "sound fetishist" and also responsible for all
other instruments and the overall soundtexture.

Special guest for some tracks is Detlef Raschke on Sax & Flute.
While producing the Tracks mostly during the summer, K.Vio & Tim Tonics intention is to bring warmth
and sun feelings into the cold winter time,
but their songs also have a place on a sunny beachparty or club.

Light Up The World Cover

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